A peerless wine of Minkov Brothers wins gold in France

A peerless wine of Minkov Brothers wins gold in France
Jun 06, 2013

An elite blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah became the only Bulgarian wine recognized as unique throughout the world OAK TREE of the Minkov Brothers wine cellar was also awarded a gold medal by the prestigious exhibition Vinalies Internationales – France. The most esteemed European oenologists categorically stated that it was the first time that the detected the piquant and exotic aroma of green pepper in a wine of the Cabernet Franc variety. It is peerless throughout the world and is proven to be only encountered in the Minkov Brothers wine cellar’s own vineyards. The fragrance characteristic of the highest-grade wines is due to the rich and fertile cinnamon-forest soils in the Karnobat area. Combined with the mild climate, the optimal sunshine, and the low-mountain ridge relief, these create the perfect terroir for cultivating the classical wine variety of  Cabernet Franc.

For the first time the competition jury also featured several esteemed French physicians, who use Cabernet Franc wines in the prevention and treatment of numerous cardio-vascular diseases. They rated highly OAK TREE’s exceptional qualities and recommended it to all connoisseurs of the healthy and nature-friendly lifestyle. Its beneficial properties are due to the environment-friendly manner of making the wine. The grapes have been cultivated with no use of artificial fertilizers and preparations and have been manually picked. To achieve the unique green pepper aroma it was allowed to stay with the skin on for five full days. The saturated and strong dark-red color, which impressed the competition jury, was achieved through this authentic technology. To preserve the inimitable piquant and fruit nuances of the blend, the wine cellar oenologists let OAK TREE mature in medium-toasted, old French oak barrels ordered specifically from the Bordeaux area. The old barrels impart a velvet-soft taste to the wine without burdening it any further, preserving its fragrant profile of jam, roasted plums, and blackberries. The gold medalist has aged for 24 months in purpose-made tunnels dug into the hill beneath the Minkov Brothers wine cellar. There the optimal cooling of 10-15C is achieved naturally, without refrigeration facilities.

MINKOV BROTHERS WHITE CUVEE and MINKOV BROTHERS SYRAH were awarded silver medals by the Vinalies Internationales. They won the prestigious awards in competition with more than 3 000 wines coming from the four corners of the world.