Cycle: the journey is 10 years old

Cycle: the journey is 10 years old
Apr. 10, 2018

Do you remember the first time you held yourself on a bike and felt the freedom of the motion? Can you relive again this amazing feeling of weightless and satisfaction, that charming carefree years of youth. Would you like to?   

Hardly anyone does not have the desire to travel back in time and feel this positive emotions again. The pleasure of life is in the movement. For 10 whole years CYCLE reveals the new and unknown, and the only message of the wine series is to travel together to 14 different destinations with revealed sensations. That is the number of the wines, which are compatible for every situation, taste, style and new discovery. 

The wine is the most pleasurable and original way to understand the culture and history of a nation; it’s a civilized cycle in which every generation reveals itself in the purpose of life, the point of happiness and the fulfilled life experience. The wine is the shortest way to heaven.   

In 2018, we celebrate the wine which travels with us 10 years – CYCLE! Its concept is quality, a modern label and affordable price. Today CYCLE is a set with 14 different labels for each style and taste.  

CYCLE is the first well recognized Bulgarian Sauvignon Blanc and this brings it almost immediate success on the market. Another revolutionary moment in Cycle‘s concept is the design of the label, which is creative, retro, art, modern and very brave for the time. With one world: reliable. The eye buys first and the Bulgarian buyers immediately loves how the bottle stands out from other wines on the shelf and to find out that it is Bulgarian not a New Zealand wine.  The curiosity is being enhanced because of the price, which doesn’t have competition on the market and the final detail is on the design of the bottle. The combination of factors is undeniable and so Cycle is introduced to the world. Today the brand is everywhere but also always moving: the 2007 crops are already finished, which has been awarded with a gold medal on the prestigious competition Concours Mondial du Sauvignon. 

Cycle Rosė isn’t only fashionable, but philosophy.  This has been confirmed by the international jury of the Concours Mondial Du Rose, on which the wine has been awarded between hundreds of other rosės from all around the world. This isn’t a consequence. More likely to be a result of the message the brand spreads for the last 10 years: growth, discovery and curiosity.

Cycle continues to raise its popularity. The brand became preferred wine to a couple of generations and there is no possibility that there is a Bulgarian who hasn’t tried Cycle at least once. There is hardly anyone who did not ride a biCYCLE. At this carefree summer, there is nothing more pleasant than to enjoy the cycle of life with a glass of nice, Bulgarian wine.