Everyone looks at the world differently

Everyone looks at the world differently
Jul 29, 2013

100 different photographers recreate a single moment in 100 different ways...

...and every perspective is different…unique...

Light, forms, textures, colors, people, life...everything around you looks different when you look at it through a photographer’s eyes.

The means of expression of both the oenologist and the photographer are not words, but sensations, sensitivity.

The „Le Photographe” wines are inspired by photography as a peculiar form of art, which bends objective perceptions of the world through the prism of personal sensation.

“Le Photographe” takes us back in time, to the history of Minkov Brothers.

For Nikifor – one of the brothers – photography was a passion and challenge, just like wine making. Thus, once he completed his education in Vienna, he came back, opened the studio in Sliven and dedicated himself to his two favorite things in life – photography and wine.

Le Photographe (the Photographer) is a creative person with a somewhat different sensitivity. With the help of equipment, light, and personal sensation, he manages to reflect new aspect of the world, which were previously invisible to the naked human eye.