“Le Photographe” is the best wine on the Balkans

“Le Photographe” is the best wine on the Balkans
Jul 26, 2013

The best wine on the Balkans is “Le Photographe” Rose. As soon as it came on the market, the enticing blend of classical Cabernet Sauvignon and the exotic variety Grenache won an award by the highly esteemed Balkan International Wine Competition. The winner of the Balkan’s biggest wine award is part of the new series of “Le Photographe”, which was created by the oenologists of the Minkov Brothers wine cellar. Along with highly praised by wine enologists rose wine, the series also features two pure-variety white wines of the aristocratic Rhine Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc.

The grapes for each of the “Le Photographe” wines were cultivated on the best proven terroir for white varieties in our country. The fresh climate and diverse structure of the rich cinnamon-forest soils give the white wines and the rose wine a unique mineral touch with no equivalent throughout the entire Balkan peninsula. The massifs of Sauvignon Blanc, Rhine Riesling, and Grenache are located on slopes with southern and southeastern exposure, at 350 m. above sea level, which is perfect for cultivating white varieties. The grapes from Minkov Brothers’ own vineyards was cultivated fully in accordance with the natural conditions, and in the making of the “Le Photographe”, the wine cellar’s oenologists have used traditional winemaking practices. This makes the series excellent for all those, who are as keen on the healthy and nature-friendly lifestyle as they are on high quality.

At a glass of “Le Photographe” wine connoisseurs will experience a real journey back in time and will learn many interesting facts about the life of the legendary winemakers, the Minkov Brothers. The youngest brother Nikifor liked saying that winemaking is his greatest passion, and photography – his greatest challenge. This was why, immediately upon graduating in Vienna, he opened his own atelier in Sliven and made a name for himself as one of the most talented photographers in the region. The making of wines and photos were not just a hobby, but an art to Nikifor. He would say that winemakers and photographers are alike in that they create harmony of colors and tastes thanks to their own sensitivity and feel for what is valuable and exalted.

Nikifor’s words have inspired the oenologists of the Minkov Brothers wine cellar to dedicate the “Le Photographe” series to all those, who have chosen creativity as their lifestyle. It is because everyone looks at the world differently. 100 different photographs will recreate a single moment in 100 different ways and each perspective will be different and unique.