Minkov Brother Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the favorite wines of “DECANTER”

Minkov Brother Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the favorite wines of “DECANTER”
Jun 07, 2019

Minkov Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon’17 won for the second time the prestigious award for quality, a gold medal from the highest rated world competition Decanter World Wine Awards. The wine has been rated an impressive score of 95 tasting points for a second time in 4 years. This is an acknowledgement not only of the extraordinary work done by the whole team in creation of the emblematic Cabernet Sauvignon, but also of the extremely favourable terroir in the region of Karnobat for cultivating of this variety. Wine lovers are already comparing the Bulgarian Cabernet Sauvignon to those from Chile and California, said Dimitar Nikolov – the only Bulgarian to jury on Decanter.

 “This year is extremely successful for the Bulgarian winemakers – our wines have won 3 golden medals, 18 silver and 27 bronze. Together we can do more! This success will help to increase the image of our country as a wine producer of quality wines from high class”, explained international key traders.

The multiple international awards, which Cabernet Sauvignon brought to Minkov Brothers, proves that the team has found the right formula for success.

’’Minkov Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon could be used as an example if you want to find out what distinguishes the wines made from this variety. They have a remarkably complex nature of taste, revealing layers. Originally, there appear scents of mature black berries - blackberries, blackberries, later mint, cedar wood, anise, supplemented by soil shades, flint and spicy spices. The final is long and memorable, "said the gold medalist's oenologists.

Minkov Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon ages well in a bottle, turning over time into a very complex, elegant and complete wine. Its ability to age long time in a bottle is due both to the high content of pigments and tannins extracted from the well-matured grapes in the process of long-standing, as well as to its long aging in new and old French barriques, ending its complex multi-layered character.

MINKOV BROTHERS Cabernet Sauvignon `17

  • Grape variety and origin: Cabernet Sauvignon from own vineyards. Reduced yield
  • Vineyard massif and defining features of the terroir: vineyard located 1 km west of the cellar, near village Lozenets. These are vines that are already in the 15th harvest.
  • Harvest: by hand, in 10 to 12 kg trays. The grape harvest started on the 05.10.2017 when the grape has reached full maturity.  
  • Significant vinification characteristics: carefully sorting the grape, cold and post-fermentation macerations, wine is not stabilized, sparing filtration is used.
  • Aging: 1 year in new and old French barrels.
  • Aging in a bottle before being released on the market: from 6 months to 1 year.

This year was very successful for Minkov Brothers Wine Cellar at the world’s most demanding and prestigious competition, the Decanter World Wine Award 2019! Every single wine send from the cellar has been honored. Here you can find the rest of the finalists:

Minkov Brothers Cuvee 2017 – silver medal
Minkov Brothers Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 – silver medal
Le Photographe Pinot Noir 2017 – silver medal
Le Photographe Cabernet Franc 2017 - bronze medal
Oak Tree 2015 - bronze medal
Déjà vu Sauvignon Blanc-Semillon – commendation