Oak Tree, MAGNUM 1500 ml, vintage 2013

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Bottle: 1500 ml, MAGNUM

beautiful and saturated, with soft tinges

Aroma: intense, piquant and very rich, dominated by spices, minced pepper, light accents of smoke, coffee and tobacco; the taste aroma is supplemented by well preserved marmalade nuances of baked plums and heathberry

Taste: velvet with soft polished tannins, with long influence and a very long finish, memorizing of the rich aroma

Mature: the wine matured 20 months in new barrels of French oak and has a potential to age in a bottle over 10 years. Bottled in 2016

Serving temperature: 18°С

Food pairing suggestions: stewed red meat dishes with spices, wine sauces or wild mushrooms, home bread, flavoured yellow cheeses

Awards vor vintage 2013: Bronze medal at Decanter World Wine Awards 2017; Silver medal at Mundus Vini 2017; Silver medal at International Wine Challenge Tranche 1 2017
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