Summer vibes in the wine cellar Minkov Brothers

Summer vibes in the wine cellar Minkov Brothers
Jul 11, 2017

 Every summer has its story… get ahead of the trends and plan from now a trip to one of the brightest Bulgarian cellars, Minkov Brothers. The visit will leave you with a memory that will always pull you back to that perfect place. Wine cellar Minkov Brothers is a charming destination for wine tourism. It brings the spirit of the Bulgarian Revival and the cosiness of the old city building. It is located on a magnificent hill among beautiful vines 10-15 km west from Karnobat on the road Burgas – Sofia. The location of the cellar isn’t coincidence. In this place the oldest and best vines have been grown, place full of history of wine producing. The unique combination of steepness, climate and soil features is a premise for great quality and grape from that place.  

Where it all began…

In the distant 1875, devoted to their big passion - the winemaking, Ivan, Vassil and Nikifor Minkovi founded a cellar at the Karnobat trade and craft center - The Church Quarter. The exceptional wines of the brothers and the wine traditions of Karnobat‘s region gave a high score. A little known fact is that the Karnobat wineries, known as the Minkov Brothers, have brought the first gold medal for Bulgaria from a world fair. After the gold medal from the Brussels Wine Exhibition in 1894, awards followed from elite wine contest in London and the International Fair in Plovdiv.

Today, Minkov Brothers Wine Cellar remains true to the traditions inherited by the three brothers. Its architecture is grabbing the eye at first glance - an elegant retro-style that combines modern elements that imply comfort and discreet luxury inside. The cellar owns two museums - one dedicated to the wine family and containing the benefits offered by the Minkov family, and the other presents the millennial history of wine-making in the region.

In this romantic atmosphere you can taste all cellars wines. Large part from the series Oak Tree, Minkov Brothers, Le Photographe and Cycle have won prestigious world awards. The cellar enologists organize "trips" through the various wine styles, included in the cellar selection. They serve delicious dishes from the national and world cuisines that are skillfully combined with the variety and character of the wines.

An unquestionable attraction is the opportunity to personally observe the stages of wine production. You will hear a story about the grape path from the vineyard to the winemakers, how the grape juice turns into high quality wine, which should be age in oak barrels, giving the final focus to its unique character.
As we said at the beginning, your visit will leave an unforgettable memmory. The combination of wonderful view, coziness and selected wines will turn on the summer days into unbelivable wine experience, to which you can always return by oppening a bottle from the wonderful wines of Minkov Brothers cellar.
I does not matter if your visit is scheduled or unplanned visit - the cellar is always open for guests. Still ... if you plan to visit the cellar, you can contact the hosts and book your visit at a convenient time.