The triumph of “The Minkov Brothers” - without precedent in our wine history

The triumph of “The Minkov Brothers” - without precedent in our wine history
Nov. 08, 2013

One tenth of the world's gold medals is already won by "Minkov Brothers" cellar, the participants in the most famous French wine competition Alliance du Monde confessed. The amazing Syrah grown in the Karnobat vineyards officially ranked Bulgaria fourth in the World Top 10 among the best winemakers. "Minkov Brothers" stood together with some famous wineries from France, Spain and Australia. The oenologists from the prestigious competition were unanimous to award the modern series LE PHOTOGRAPHE the only gold medal for Bulgaria. According to them, this recognition is unmatched in the modern wine history and definitely puts the Syrah of cellar "Minkov Brothers" among the world's best examples of this impressive wine variety.

The founders of Alliance du Monde-France are some of the most notable oenologists of the Old Continent, and the prizes they usually award are considered universal standard of quality.  That is why the evaluation of the jury is proof for the excellence of the distinguished wines, said participants in the race.

According to the French wine critics, LE PHOTOGRAPHE Syrah impresses with modern styling and combines all the unique characteristics of the terroir of the Karnobat vineyards. The rich soils give its unique mineral taste, characteristic only for high-quality wines of the European style. Its fragrance reveals hints of dark chocolate and ripe cherry, so typical for this incredible grape variety. According to oenologists of Alliance du Monde, the Syrah of "Minkov Brothers" is an excellent example for a wine whose quality was achieved only thanks to the lands in its fertile, native region, and technological intervention has been minimal. This fact lends additional value to the gold medalist as it meets the standard for consumption of wines made environmentally friendly. It's not by chance and especially for LE PHOTOGRAPHE that cellar "Minkov Brothers" chose to plant Syrah in the famous location Terziyski Bair where the mixture of rich soils, abundant sunshine and specific relief give the wine its balanced taste, juiciness and deep-red garnet color.

LE PHOTOGRAPHE wines debuted on the native market at the beginning of the year and upon release were announced the best wines on the Balkans at the prestigious competition Balkan International Wine Competition. The series inspired by photography is dedicated to all artists whose talent and hard labor provide delight for the senses. And because the oenologists are also considered artists, the wines LE PHOTOGRAPHE are an original compliment made by the cellar "Minkov Brothers" to all masters of the wine who work to establish Bulgaria on the world wine stage.