Minkov Brothers Enoteca Syrah & Viognier

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  • Variety: Syrah & Viognier
  • Designation of origin: PGI (protected geographical indication)
  • Region: Thracian Valley
  • Origin: own vineyards in the Karnobat area
  • Type: dry red wine
Color: A beautiful, deep ruby color.

Aroma: ethereal, rich aroma dominated by ripe sour cherry and spicy accents of cedar, tobacco and clove.

Taste: the taste is elegant, with a feeling of cherry jam, exotic spices and cloves, the tannins are soft, velvety, with a long impact and a very long finish reminiscent of the rich aroma.

Ageing: 14 months in 10 old French barrels 500 l.

Food pairing suggestions: taco salads, appetizeres with bacon or smoked seafood, pasta, game dishes, red meats in Mediterranean style, hard and semi-hard cheeses
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