Presentation of the iconic wine "Project 7" to the Bulgarian wine society

Mar 01, 2022
Seven consecutive years of working with our best vineyards have led to Project 7. A visionary wine conceived since 2009 and made from the iconic for our cellar varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.
This project reveals the possibilities of the terroir, expressed in the perfect balance, concentration and unique elegance of the wine.

Project 7 was highly rated by Di Vino magazine and placed 4th in the magazine's Di Vino Top 50 of 2021, with the highest 93 points awarded to wines in the ranking.
Cabernet Sauvignon is from a vineyard located 1 km west of the cellar, within the land of the village of Lozenets. The land of the village of Lozenets "Starite Lozya" has a flat-hilly relief, represented by small hills and interhills. The vineyards are located on weakly expressed herbaceous parts and their adjacent slopes with an altitude of 180 to 205 m. The rocks in the area are volcanic and sedimentary, and the soil is sandy-clay.
Cabernet Franc is from own vineyards, reduced yield. A vineyard located 3 km east of the cellar, the land of the village of Ognen. The land in the village of Ognen is located on the eastern slopes of the Terziysky bair, in the transition to the Karnobat field, at an altitude of 184 to 225 m above sea level. The vineyards are located on slopes with southwest exposure. The soils are slightly leached cinnamon forest.
The harvest took place from October 8 to 10, 2016. After precise sorting of the grapes, vinification includes pressing, clarification, fermentation with the immersion of the fermentation cap, cold and post-fermentation macerations. The wine is not stabilized and has undergone only rough filtration. It was aged for 27 months in new French barrels and 3 years in bottle before being listed on the market. The quantity is 4550 bottles.